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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dragon with A Goblin in his Butt, and the Joker

Self explanatory, really. The Dragon's a quick gag idea I had which I got onto a postit note, and the Joker is a pretty old drawing I found while I was looking for something else, but I think it still kinda holds up. Even if he's missing a body.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Other Simpsons!

Here's the ones Cindy and Sorcha did themselves, and the one they did of me. I think the Teeth are a lot closer on my version....

My Simpsons Avatar ( not done by me, but by their website)

I saw Dave Dick did one, then Cindy and Sorcha. I'm a big copy cat, so heres mine. The thing is, Beans has been doing these for a while himself using his own artistic prowess. So in addition to being a copy cat, I'm a cheater. Bad-ass all around , really.

I notice that I look like one of the animators standing around when they go to the Itchy and Scratchy studio. Nice to know I'm fitting the stereotype nicely.


Friday, July 13, 2007

Late night Moon Madness...Thought for the Day

No picture for this one. Just workin' late, feelin' mighty groggy. Decided to take a break, and watch a couple downloaded movie trailers. Caught one for a new movie about the Moon landings, and I got to thinking about all those conspiracy theories, the one where they say the whole thing was faked. Now, I'm hardly what you'd call an expert in anything that doesn't involve getting struck with anvils, so I have no intelligent opinion on space travel. But I AM a human being living in the early 21st century, so I think I'm qualified to form an opinion about THAT.


I think the reason we're so ready to believe the moon landings were faked is that the current crop of human human beings isn't very comfortable with the idea that humanity is capable of amazing things. If we were to believe in ourselves and in our neighbors, it would throw all our towering failings into sharp relief, and we might feel motivated to get up off our collective asses and do something about them. It's much easier (not to mention fashionable) to believe that everyone is stupid and there's no way people could do anything in the least remarkable, and therefore anything that SEEMS remarkable must be a lie. Then we can sink back into our swamp of sitcoms and salty snacks.

I'll throw this concept atcha, a conspiracy theory to rebut a conspiracy theory:

What if the "evidence" supporting a faked moon landing was actually created and circulated by the government as part of a campaign to a) prevent us from actually expecting anything out of them, and b) to keep us thinking that humanity is useless and there's no hope for the future, so that we stay nice and quiet and we won't go around Accomplishing Things that may disrupt the almighty Status Quo?

That oughtta keep the nut jobs busy. Next post, when I've gotten a bit of rest, I'll go back to the goofy drawings.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wizardry of Wizardrousness!

Put some colour to something I posted on the Krew blog a while back. It may even be good colour. I have no way of knowing, as my brain has turned to a syrup of some sort. Likley that fake raspberry flavor that tastes like cough medicine.