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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Miss McGuffin, and Tea

Minstrel! Sing us a song!

She can't hear you
She's in her tower
She can't see you
She's across the sea
She's the one that
The Heroes strive for
Villains scheme for
Yeah, but she's with me

She's Miss Mcguffin
She's the Maltese Falcon
She's the Ring of Power
She's the Death Star plans
She's Princess Peach
She's the Golden Fleece
She's the Sangreal
She's the Spice Melange

She's Terrific
She's monolithic
She's full of stars
Floating deep in space
Locked in a crate
Top Men sealed her fate
'Cause she's enough to
Melt a Nazi's face


Someday I'll be able write something without it being mainly pop culture references. But not today.

Also, sometimes people give me a hard time because I drink a lot of tea.

That'll teach you.