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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Mucking About

Ryan Keizer, a fella I work with and possible crazy-man, has some cool techniques for inking in Flash that he told me and that I plan on writing down here as soon as I make sure I got 'em straight. I tried 'em out on this drawing. Beans gave me some color advice which I then heartlessly discarded. Sorry, man :)

I used Photoshop for odds and ends.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Old Drawing + New Poem + Old Meter = New Post

The grimmest gargoyles guard those gates of gold,
And, watched by ancient wind-worn walls, await
Their Lord, who long has left the Lightless Lands
On errands evil. Eons exiled, He
For crimes was cursed, from God’s Creation cast,
Returning not again to ruined realm.
Yet still those sentries stand in shackling spells,
Forever fettered; feared by few, forgot
By most, their Master’s malice merely myth.
Indeed, a dismal Doom, in darkness drown’d
Are grinning gargoyles guarding gates of gold.
So, I was kinda sitting there, and I thought to myself, why not some Alliterative Iambic Pentameter? Who WOULDN'T be up for that? And well, this is what came out. It's kind of over-the-top-fantasy, but I happen to LIKE over-the-top-fantasy. So sue me.
The drawing I did, oh...two? Three years ago now? It was a tattoo design for a guy I worked with in a warehouse. He wanted a gargoyle skeleton, which I figured was a kind of cliche idea for a tattoo, but what the hell, customer's always right and all those kinds of things. This is the drawing I gave him. He still hadn't gotten the tattoo by the time I left the job, and he paid me with a DVD I still haven't watched, which I'm sure proves something about symmetry to the universe or whatever.
Keeley, if you ever read this, you still owe me for Ross's tattoo design, for convoluted reasons which still aren't entirely clear to me.
And I'm sorry if I spelled your name wrong.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Studio's game rats on the brain lately.....

More Doodles

So, Beans, you'd like some more doodles? See how you like.....ATHOUSAND AT ONCE! BWAHAHHAHAHAHA!

...well, actually, only 8. I thought I would see how it would look if I just piled a buch of random doodles from around my desk onto the scanner, instead of taking the time to combine them nicely in Photoshop.
Turns out, it looks like I just piled a buch of random doodles from around my desk onto the scanner, instead of taking the time to combine them nicely in Photoshop.

Go figure.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Hold on to this, please....

I threw this off at work today for kicks. It's obstensibly for a project, but it won't get used, so I've got nothing better to do with it but toss it up on the old blog. I's pretty simple, and the 'shopping coulda been done better, but I still thought it was kinda cool.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


You ever try to forget all the anatomy they tried to drill into you in school? I mean, intentionally? It's kinda funny how often I had to "correct" this drawing as I was making it, and she's still not as gooey and flowy as she was on Batman....

Carlos the Turtle

Sometimes Sorcha will run up to me with pencil and paper and say "Daddy, draw something!" The drawings I produce on these occasions are rarely what you'd call Great Art, and usually inspire comments like, "gee, Daddy, it doesn't LOOK like a gorilla." (if you ever think you're a great draughtsman, try drawing in front of a five year old)

This time, though, she said she liked this turtle, so I wrote him a little verse, and here he is.

(the robot I drew five minutes later got a lukewarm reception, and will not be posted) :)

Carlos the Turtle
Was happy as clams
He didn't have email
So he never got spams
He didn't need gas
'Cause he didn't have cars
He had beaches and oceans
And the sun and the stars.

Monday, February 05, 2007

F'dyu's Tale

I am F'Dyu.
I hunt the Wyrm.
The Wyrm carries the Casket.
The Casket contains the Scroll.
The Scroll leads to the Orb.
The Orb reveals the Citadel.
The Citadel houses the Vault.
The Vault protects the Weapon.
The Weapon holds sway over the very Foundation of the Universe itself.
I am F'Dyu, and I hunt the Wyrm.
For the sake of The Realm, and all that dwell therein,
I hunt the Wyrm.