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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Things I Will Do Next Time After Attempting To Jury-Rig A Line Tester Using Curtain Rod Hardware And A Step Ladder:

1. Secure the camera better so the first three drawings don't jitter around all over the place giving everyone seizures.

2. Turn off the Auto Focus so half the images aren't blurry.

3. Replace the batteries in the camera so they don't run out before you're done.

4. Post it using something other than Blogger's lousy player. Seriously, what is that? (After I posted it I saw I was You Tube. Maybe there's a setting somewhere so I can fix it, I dunno.)(I think it's a bit better, now.)

Yes, I know I could save myself a lot of hassle by just drawing stuff into Flash, but where's the fun in that?