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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Doodles From Every Corner of the Desk!

Once again, the time has come for me gather up all the loose scraps of paper around my desk and scan in the drawings that I did when warming up, waiting for renders, sitting in meetings, and generally supposed to be working. As always , they come freshly packaged with small blurbs of text chock full if insights which you may ignore at your leisure.

Couple of wee warm ups done in flash one morning. They're not anyone in particular, but the lady looks similar to the style of a guy I went to school with. Mike M., but not Mueller; the other Mike M.

Evil Sue! This is a character from the show I'm working on, except she doesn't go evil like that; at least, I don't think she does. The character is copyright Animation Collective, Nick, probably Fatkat, I guess, and likely about a dozen other folks. God bless Sharpies and Kirby Crackle.(Krackle?)

I end up drawing a lot of Goblins. It's probably something wrong with me."Goblins! Yaaagh!" Yay for sharpies again.

She's either yawning, or screaming "Why is my left arm so huge?!!" Let that be a lesson to ya, kiddies: when you draw in flash a lot (like I do) you can get lazy about proportions. "Hell, if the arm/leg/head/whatever's too big, I'll just lasso and scale it!" A useful tool to be sure, but if you make it a crutch, it'll f**k you up when you go back to paper. If you let it. As I seem to have.

Did I mention I like Sharpies? I like to think of this as the moment right before the very first scene in Episode IV : "Aw Snap, is that a huge Star Destroyer? Dammit!" The illegible scratched out word above her head is my wicked awesome idea for a sit-com. See, a young family disguises themselves as elderly people so they can pay cheap rent in a retirement community. The 6-year-old daughter dresses up as a REALLY old lady and pretends to be the mother's mother, her crazy kid behavior being passed off as senility. The title? "Geria-Tricks!" Keep the exclamation point, it's part of the title. Producers, contact me thru my comments, we'll get this gold mine diggin'.

Oh, yeah.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Well, ladies, gentlemen, and transdimensional beings torn asunder by arcane forces, if you have a pesky infestation of Gelfoids threatening to shatter your Evil Empire, we here at General Advance Robotics have got your back! Yes, come on up here and orient an optical organ or appendage to our brand spankin' new Tactical Hunter/Invader Module! All ya gotta do is grab yourself a legion or two of these suckers and solidify your stranglehold on any newly conquered populace! (Giant control crystal not included. Product may be subject to falling to bits at the worst possible time.)

So, yeah, found a scan of a two year old drawing kicking around my hard drive, and it still looked pretty decent to me, so I decided to colour it.

Some of you may notice it's kinda based on the Dark Crystal, and kinda not. To you I say: WHAT'S THAT BEHIND YOU?!

(sound of rapidly receding footsteps. pause . fade out.)