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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Vargouille, Keepin' It Real

I think sometimes intelligent malevolence isn't as scary as mindless hunger. Don't get me wrong, a Big Bad with soulless and inhuman genius can be great, but for his or her hordes of minions it's more fun to have an army of creatures that just want to kill and consume you.There's no way to reason with them because they have no reason, this is the thing they were bred for and they're really good at it. In the right situation piranhas will be more terrifying than, say, ninjas.

In most depictions of varguoilles, they tend to look, if not exactly smart, at least cognizant enough to know they're evil. They seem to be getting a certain level of enjoyment out of their villainy. But what if they were basically the same thing, with the head and the tentacles and wings, but now they look like they're not so much thinking as obeying a inscrutable set of instincts impelling them to horrible acts? Like they have maybe a dim realization that their very existence is a kind of torture, but they don't have the ability to properly comprehend it and so fall back upon obeying only their terrible appetites?

Bit creepier.

Drawing's a bit rough, but headed in the right direction, I think.