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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Development is Fun

 Had a request from Glenn and Elizabeth at Kid's Playhouse Productions to do a drawing for their Irish Festival Play, "The Raven of Éirean Mhór". My daughter is in the play and they asked if the parents could do some volunteering. 
I said, "I can draw some stuff. And lift some stuff." I said this because drawing and lifting are two of the things I can do. Another thing I can do is put stuff down again. They asked if I could draw them a picture for the poster, and I said "Sure." 
I'll probably do some lifting and putting things down later on.

I did some thumbnails to explore some ideas. 

They told me the play is about a girl who is in mourning, and that she encounters a raven who acts as a kind of spirit guide.

They mentioned they were looking for a feeling of wildness. There were going to be fairies, the perilous folktale kind as opposed to the more civilized Victorian-Disney type.

They also said that they were were looking for "Darkness and Light".

Trees and woods were also going to figure prominently.

All those pencil ones I did later. The first thing I scratched out was this one with a ballpoint on the notepad by the phone while we were discussing it. Turns out it was the one they wanted to go with. Sometimes first instincts are best, I suppose. All they requested was to have the girl's back to the viewer, and make the raven more raven-y (as he does look a bit eagle-y here). They clarified that the raven should be big and impressive and dangerous; we're to be uncertain whether he's a friend or not.

I do little idea thumbnails on whatever I can find all the time, but I usually don't show them around. They were cool with this though, scotch tape and all, so I finished it up.

Made a coherent drawing with actual paper and pencils.

Coloured it up, Bob's your uncle. Kept it simple for reduction and reproduction purposes.

You may notice all these are labelled "Erinmoor". This is because I heard the name before I saw it written down.

Past my bedtime now. Prose losing it's watchimicallit. Eloquence. Yer on yer own.