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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Say, did you ever?

What a swell party this is.

I have contrasted a bulkier figure with a relatively dainty pose. Such a thing has NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!!! I yam so smirt.

These three drawings are from a story idea I have about Insanity, the Occult and Saturday morning cartoons. Chaos Star and Character of Aratron sold separately.

I'd never drawn Solomon Grundy before. Turns out, it's basically the Hulk with a different color scheme and slightly less rage. Try to ignore the hand and foot things happening.

Pow-pow-power Girl Power Makes it Go! Never drew her before, either. Tried to make her a bit more hero-y and bit less prostitute-y than we normally seem to see her these days.

Wizards are the Pimps of the fantasy genre. I think this is why we nerds like it so much; in that world, the guys who study the most get to be the Baddest in the Realm. Of course, even in that world, the barbarians always show up and give us noogies. We can't win.

In retrospect, should have spent more time on the actual drawing, less on the robe pattern.

The caption is a bit illegible, it says "When Gropmar is happy, he shimmers." Yeah, I don't know.

Sometimes it's fun to just start drawing shapes and see what happens to them. Granted, this thing would probably collapse under it's own weight, but so might you some day. Don't judge.

If I did some research on modern clothing and hairstyles, I would be able to draw stuff that didn't look like the Jetsons. On the other hand, I also believe that modern clothing and hairstyles should by all rights look a lot MORE like the Jetsons. Who will budge first, hmmm?


This isn't a particularly good drawing, and there are only five people other than me who would know what it's a drawing of. Enjoy!

A caricature. Don't bother trying to figure out who it is, I've already forgotten.

Blind Dead McJones. He got da blues so bad, he don't even have guitar strings.

Make a hawk a dove! Stop a war with love! Make a liar tell the trooooth! Tried Frank Miller's nose piece thing, then regretted it.

What a Swell-egant, elegant Paaarty, this IIIIIS!