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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Two Clips

So, I saw Jon Lambe linked to a TD clip on Youtube that had some of his animation in it, and I thought, "I can get on board with stealing an idea like that." Except this one has some of my animation in it. Jon can post his own stuff. Two fun points:

1. Only the first little chunk of this is actually mine, about to the point where he says "laugh it up", give or take. It's not what I'd call my best stuff, but it's what I can show.

2. Take note that Barney seems to have no legs as he levitates out the door. I honestly thought the crowd of kids would do a better job of covering his lower half, so I didn't draw it. Fantastic stuff.

I also have here a clip of Sonny Boy Williamson II, for no other reason than that it's incredible.