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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Happy nevermind

Trying to post every month, new year's resolution already broken. Good to get it out of the way. I have nothing finished, nothing is ever finished, it just goes on and on and on...

Odd spot for an ear.

Does a lizard man riding a dinosaur make sense? Its like a man riding a gorilla.

Actually, it might be cool to ride a gorilla. Although probably less trouble to just get a person to carry you around.

Too much back story never gets used.

Just got a part in a play, although I haven't acted in 18 or 19 years. Was there a time when I could just keep lines of dialogue in my head to be recited upon command? I remember doing that a few times, although now it seems somewhat improbable.

Also improbably, I've been typing up my Nanowrimo story. Here's a bit  chosen more or less at random:

They had not needed the priestess’ warning to stay on the straight road; the passage they followed was the only one they encountered that seemed to go up. All the side passages they saw looked as though they were either level or dove back into the depths again. Besides, it was the only way that was lit, albeit with candle stubs and the stumps of torches, and the occasional brazier of foul-smelling dung fire.

The exception to this general rule was a chamber the tunnel intersected about halfway along their journey. Near the ceiling was a creature that appeared to be some sort of glowing serpent, which coiled and slithered through mid-air as it made a circuit around the room. It trailed a small plume of bluish smoke behind it, and it made a low chuckling noise as if it were enjoying some quiet private joke. Dhorn stared at it covetously as it floated overhead.

“Don’t be a fool,” Kilbright signed to him in the Thieves’ Secret Tongue. “Haven’t you noticed the lights have been going out behind us after we’ve passed? They’re following us. Filling one’s pockets is a fine thing, but there are times when one’s own skin must take priority. We must leave this hole with as much haste as we can manage.”  Dhorn continued to stare at the snake’s hypnotic movements as Kilbright pulled him through the doorway, and they continued on.

Got a long way to go before I'm finished, nothing is ever finished, it just goes on and on and on...