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Saturday, August 30, 2008

And I'll bet you thought I'd miss August.

Well, I came close, but I haven't missed a month since I started posting so figured I'd better put something up here. Gotta keep up the streak. Of course, now I've probably gone and jinxed it. Damn.

As usual, got a mix of new and old and in between, much of it rough story art from a couple of the side projects I've been toying with.

Another design idea for Magic Al, except now I think I'll call him Harry Who. Wanted to give him a kinda retro thing, rubber hose arms and such. He's fun to draw.

Was drawing from a photo, got distracted by other matters, and when I came back to it I noticed the big rookie mistake. Can you spot it? Hmmm, how about NO HANDS? I was going to add them in, but then decided to keep it as a grand lesson:
Artists, remember feet and hands! focus on the forms! I don't know if it's just me, but I think it's a lot easier to make those kind of mistakes than you would expect. I've seen some doozies...

Some board panels; it's not Batman, it's someone far more terrifying. Also, she's not bald, nor is she an alien ( as my daughter suggested ). She's just wearing a ninja catsuit thing, and I couldn't get the expressions I wanted with slit eyes and no mouth. So there.

Ooooo, sassy pixie! Boots courtesy Sheila the Thief....

Ah, the ol' spear-in-the-butt crack gag...

Orville gets his revenge.

Much later, Orville is startled to the point of wetting his armor.

Just the kind of thing Gordon finds hysterical ( he's such a jerk...)

That's it for now. Keep it real, and such like.