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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pin Up

I admit, I do enjoy the ol' pin up drawing. If you wanna see some real nifty ones, check out Justin Coffee's blog, you can see the link down the side there. He's got a book out and everything. I like to draw 'em on occasion, when the mood strikes, but for some reason they come out less like "Pin Ups" and more like "Durty Pitchers" when I do 'em. I try for "Lookit me! I'm a nice girl who just happens to like hanging around in her underwear!" But it looks more like "Lookit me! I'm a skank who'll steal your wallet when your back is turned!" I dunno, wrong expression or something.

Both my mom and my daughter sometimes see this blog, so that's why the discrete and tasteful black bars. If you wanna see the full image, just click on it. Crits and comments are welcome, as always.

Also, just want to say thanks to those of you who've taken the time to post your comments in the past. I really do appreciate it , even if I'm bad at saying so, and it's always nice to hear from you fine folks.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Not My Work, But Now On My Blog

I always kind of intended this blog as a place to put some of my stuff. But TODAY I make an exception, for two little things which I thought were pretty cool:

1. I remember seeing the Chipmunks animated movie when I was a young 'un, and I remember enjoying this particular sequence. I never really knew why. But now that I'm a wise animator (HA!), and I watch it again for the first time in a long while, I see that this bit contains some right kick-ass animation. It's all just so damn....FUN. Some of it isn't great, I'll grant you, but most of it's just terrific...they hit some really nice poses in there. Make sure you watch 'till the dancing bits, thats when it gets good.

2. On a completely different note, I saw this one last year, and I forgot about it 'till recently. It's little animation about Time, Space, and the Dimensions therein, and it's darn cool. Oh, yeah, and it'll twist yo widdle bwain.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another Old Crap Post

So, I've figured out there's 3 levels of activity at work: "Insane", "Chaos", and "That last amorphous blight of nether-most confusion where bubbles and blasphemes at infinity’s centre the mindless daemon-sultan Azathoth, whose name no lips dare speak aloud."
Lately, it's been the last one. As a result, I have absolutely no recent drawings that aren't directly related to show I'm working on, and drawings that are related to the show I'm working on, I can't post. I haven't posted in almost a month, though, so I've dredged through ancient drawings I've done in the past, and scraps of junk I have lying around my desk. I gotta bunch, with the theory that they may not be good, but at least there's a lot of them. So with out further ado , I give you the bottom of the barrel.

This one is a rejected concept from an idea of mine thats going nowhere fast. Folks don't like it, too complicated or something.

This one is a very rough scrap from a different idea, also going nowhere.

This one is special: it's a rejected design for a deleted character from an idea that's going nowhere. Also, I drew it like, 3 years ago or something, on the back of an inventory sheet.

This one is a half-finished drawing of a secondary character for an idea I'm still working on, but I'm not gonna use this design. Maybe something similar though.

This is the only HP picture I've ever done, which I doodled on the back of some revisions while waiting for a render. It's supposed to be the kids facing Fluffy, see, they're each looking at a different head. Note Harry's thick neck, Ron's demented head, and Hermione still in colerase. Abandoned work at it's best.

This is something akin to a life drawing. They have sessions at the studio sometimes, but it's on a bad night for me, so I don't go. This is drawn from a postage stamp size photo from a Muybridge book.

I'm sure you recognize these: thats right, direct copies from Preston Blair!I sometimes copy his stuff for practice, but not in anything like a dedicated manner, so I really don't don't know if it's making a difference. It's fun though, which is the main thing.Check out the poor composition planning on the top one.

Last but not least, a drawing I did for a Drawing Jam, hmmm, gotta be two summers ago. I've never posted it here, though, so it's good as new, darn it.

If you're still reading at this point, whaddaya think of that banner drawing? I feel like it's missing something...a border? Maybe I'll try a border at some point.

Reading back, the tone of this post is kinda negative. Don't worry, I'm not gonna go buy a firearm and a ski mask or anything, just wish I had something new to show ya. Maybe soon. Right now, lunch is almost done, so that's it, I'm afraid.