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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Weird X-Men

Just to balance the act:

BEAST and MARVEL GIRL Shoooowwwwww!!!


Here in the Miramichi there's an event they do called the "Living Christmas Tree": they build up this big layered scaffold in the church, decorate it like a giant tree, and a choir stands on it to perform christmas songs, accompanied by a kind of light show done with the tree lights.

That's an absolutely terrible description. I'm not doing the event justice in the least, and cameras aren't allowed during the show, so I have no photos to tell the story properly. But it really is quite beautiful, people come from all around to watch it, and the singing is wonderfully done. Worth seeing if you're ever in the area at Christmas time.

Anyway, what I've posted above is the angel artwork I did for the program. Nothing fancy, just a simple line drawing; I was thinking about reduction and reproduction, and I didn't want to clutter it up too much. Still, I thought it turned out pretty good.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Oh Wait, I Lied

Okay I do have one little sketch; call it a warm up. The drawing jam at work was themed "Zombies attacking the Miramichi". Well,before the main event, I managed to scratch out one sketch of a happy little undead fellow emerging from the river.

Another One from the Archives- Hot Ninja Chicks!

Been super busy again this week, as always. :) But as a result I don't really have anything new, so once again I get to pull from the vast purgatory of my scrap and sketch books. So here's an old picture that even has a song/poem to go with it. Feel free to crit if you want....I never was too sure about those colours...

Hot Ninja Chicks

There are girls who’ll cook your dinner
And some girls will bring you tea
Some girls will love you ‘till the dawn
But them girls ain’t for me.
‘Cause I love a girl with deadly eyes
A silent stealthy lass
A girl who’ll leap from Night’s Embrace
To kick your kung-fu ass.


Hot Ninja Chicks! Hot Ninja Chicks!
They make my head spin round!
Hot Ninja Chicks! Hot Ninja Chicks!
They’ll put you in the ground!
She smiles so sweet, she flicks her steel,
She bats her eyes, and now I feel,
That I’m undone, I’m comin’ apart,
Hot Ninja Chicks! You have my heart.

Well, I’m girt with twin katanas
Yeah, I’m lookin’ for love tonight
And you can’t get far with a Ninja Chick
Without puttin’ up a fight.
Oh I need a nice Piece of Assassin
So I gots to work it my best
Or love will stab me in the back
While a sai escapes my chest.

Chorus, Bongo Solo

Alright now, here’s the sensitive bit…

So if you wear black pajamas
And romance has left you scarred
Come run with me, we’ll make a wish
Upon a throwing star.
A Shadow Warrior’s life is hard
But it's not much that I ask
Just a night with nun-chuks set aside
And a glimpse beneath the mask.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Revisicus The Revisionator!

A monstrous-sword-warrior-guy I scribbled on the back of some revisions. What can I say, I was listening to a lot of Led Zeppelin that day....If I'm feeling ambitious, I may try 'shopping him up a little bit. Add a classy BG like a mountain of skulls or something...

Monday, December 11, 2006

Old Drawing Inspired by Lovecraft

“…that object – no larger than a good sized rat and quaintly called by the townspeople “Brown Jenkin” – seemed to have been the fruit of a remarkable case of herd delusion, for in 1692 no less than eleven persons had testified to glimpsing it…Witnesses said it had long hair and the shape of a rat, but that it’s sharp-toothed, bearded face was evilly human while it’s paws were like tiny human hands…”

-H.P. Lovecraft, "The Dreams in the Witch-House"

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Gotta Blog Now

Well, looks like I gotta blog now! I plan on using this space to dump a bunch of drawing, writing and stuff that would otherwise probably never have seen the light of day, some old, some new. Sound enticing? Good.
Guess I'll start with a couple things I did for drawing jams at work recently...a maleficent re-design and a bizarro me. And, what the heck, why not the Time Flies as well?