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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Said Father Michael to the Fly,
"Yer outta order, mate,
Mass be o'er two hours past
How dare ye be so late?

Says the Fly to Father Mike,
"I could na' take to flight,
Me breakfast was so very large,
In fact, I'm full o' shite."

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ruff Keys

Bah. Not much to show for recent efforts, I'm afraid. Just a couple of ruff keys for a little fun playing-around-animation I'm trying out. I tried to be close to the style of the show we're currently working on; it's meant to be more comic-booky looking. Pretty gestural (is that a word?), It'll make more sense when its animated.

Ah, what the hell. Here's a couple of weird little doodles that are kicking around the pile as well.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Don't Worry, He'll Be OK.

This started out as me as a baby, and went a bit sideways.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mystery at the Bottom of a Pile of Papers

So, what happened was, I was cleaning out one of my drawers, and I found this scrap of paper with some scribbled numbers and notations on it. It seems to have something to do with car insurance, which means it's probably about a year old, as I've only owned a car for just about a year and a half. On the back of the paper was something that was clearly in my hand writing, but which I don't remember ever writing, and which I don't really understand. It goes like this:

"Lady," said the Lad,
To the damsel in the square,
"You're not but worth a Derry-o,
Should you tarry there."

She narrowed her eyes and considered her next words carefully. "Fuck off", she announced after a moments pause.

"Oh- HO!", sang out the Lad,
And his eyes danced all a-gleam,
"Your word are but a tit-mouse song,
As he woos the summer stream!"

"Tit-mouse? What? Look, I'm gonna go now. You can 'tarry' if you want, but I'm done." She turned on her heel and strode away, dodging panhandlers and other pedestrians.


And it just kinda stops there, at "W". Now I gotta ask ya, what the hell is all that about? I mean, if it was some weird paper with prophecies or lottery numbers or something, ok, cool. But this just seems plain stupid. So I'm putting it on my blog, which is where all my mind-junk goes.


Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I don't usually do much caricature, as you can probably tell. But as today's been kinda slow, and as tomorrow's probably gonna be crazy trying to catch up with the slowness of today, I figured, what the hell. I've been re-watching my DVD's of the office lately, so I decided on Gareth. I also got the photo of him, 'cause what good is a caricature if ya don't know what the guy looks like?

Feel free to crit away; like I sez, I don't do too many of these, so suggestions are welcome.

Spear Attack, Bi-zatch!

Goblin character I've been messing with for a while. Soon I'll do a "development post" with all the different versions this guy has gone through.

Also, since my one year anniversary of blogging is coming up in December (Huzzah) I'm gonna maybe try to fix the ol' thing up a bit. So , when I get time over the next while, I'm gonna try to do things like make up a title banner and add some more links to friends and stuff like that. Don't be offended if I don't get ya up right away, this is something I'm going to have to pick at when I get time.

I've started by making a half-assed attempt at filling out the user profile. You can look at it if you like. Its insightful, moving, and utter nonsense.