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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pouring out my pain, my hopes, my fears.

Mr. Zak Smith addresses a kobold:
"Listen, buddy, 'Kobold' is another one of those words that means something terribly specific to people who play D&D and means nothing at all to anybody else. (Except for maybe very old and very superstitious Germans.) The trouble with you people is the web of associations is very very small: I say 'kobold' and your average player thinks, at best, 'one of those usually very poorly drawn dogdragongoblinmidget things in D&D' or, at worst, (if you're new to the game) nothing at all....yes, I do have a job for you, little pike-wielding muppetmonster, though here at DnDWP Isle we're changing this fancy German name, got it?--from now on you're a Thorn Goblin or Scaled Goblin or Bastard Goblin. Welcome to America."

Saves me having to write something, and I doubt I could come up with anything better than that anyway.

Bee-Bar runs afoul of a Giant Phroyd. Get it? Sure you do.

Pull the string, the arrow spins 'round, and the muffled voice drones out, "The Grell says...Bam!"

'Cause why not?