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Saturday, August 02, 2014

Work Windows

The building I work in is on the site of what was once a mill. A big sprawling thing that employed many of the people in this town before it closed. They've demolished most of it since then, but looking out the North windows you can see what's left of it hulking and rotting there.

If you look beyond there's some trees. Something to break up the post-apocalyptic vibe.

On the other hand, the South side faces the river. In the summer the sun sparkles on the water, and boats of various sizes glide up and down. There's green woods on the opposite shore, and the whole is much more picturesque.

In the break room where I take my lunch most days, you get a good view of a concrete column sticking up out of the water that was once part of a pier, but is now being reclaimed by nature.

You can tell it was square when it was new, but the tides and current have scooped out underneath, and rounded the corners down into nonexistence. Depending on where the tide is you may only see the top, or you may see all the work the water has done. It's very calming to look at for some reason.

This is in the summer of course. The winter turns it all into tundra, but we're in New Brunswick after all.