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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Sharing is Nice

Drawings are nice to share, for example.

Ink and Marker

Blue Col-erase

It can also be fun to share observations that will only be relevant to a small number of people. For example, I've started getting into chess recently, and I've found that the Pirc Defence led to a careful but ultimately successful game, whereas the Spanish Opening led to a total bloodbath. I mean, I'd read about them, but putting them into action really makes the point come home. I guess most things are like that, with the difference between theory and practice and all.

Lastly, although I'm not usually in the habit of sharing quotes, this one from Berkeley's Three Dialogues really struck me today: "Truth and beauty are in this alike, that the strictest survey sets them both off to advantage; while the false lustre of error and disguise cannot endure being reviewed, or too nearly inspected."

That's all the varied and unrelated things I have to share today. Go share some of your own stuff.

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